Lifting thread lift without surgery


Facelift without surgery with thread lift reduces wrinkles, combat sagging and tense facial contours without going under the knife

Many women who want to look beautiful and young undergoing a lifting but they fear going under the knife to beautify their appearance.

How about you include in this group? If so, we have no doubt that you'll love to know all the qualities facelift without surgery, new noninvasive technique and very natural that removes wrinkles, tightens the facial contours and ends with sagging.

What is the facelift without surgery?

The facelift without surgery is based on the placement of a tensioning threads intradermal, i.e., into the skin, ranging from the inner area of ​​the ear to the chin and cheekbones passing by and nasolabial folds.

Said yarns are placed in a grid or array and, thanks to them, both possible reposition cheekbones to return to what they were years ago as reaffirm the facial oval, which is losing strength over time.

How the tensioning wires are placed?

To place the thread lift, the physician performing the treatment threading the wire in a cannula than, after, it goes under the skin. To prevent movement, each has cones that keep in the right place.

On the other hand, Importantly tensioning wires are manufactured from biocompatible materials hundred percent such as polypropylene and, plus fine exaggeratedly, his e reabsorbibles harmless to health.

How long does it take to put the thread lift?

This beauty treatment usually lasts no more than 45 minutes. Further, to submit to him will not need you to go under the knife and you stay in hospital for a while, as you can leave your home the same day because the lift without surgery does not cause wounds or sutures.

Where the tensioning wires are placed?

Where you want it! Although there are many women who choose to use the lift without surgery to rejuvenate the entire face, This can also be used to beautify the area eyes or lips, for example.

Can only be applied to the face?

Although often used to restore its beauty to face, facelift without surgery can also be used to eliminate sagging neck and some areas of body, such as the arms or buttocks.

Lifting sin cirugía con hilos tensores - ¡Siéntete Guapa!

Is painful?, ¿Anesthesia is used?

The facelift without surgery is not painful because, to apply the treatment, is often used local anesthesia.

When beginning to show results and how long the effect?

People who undergo a facelift without surgery noticeable results immediately. However, the final result can not be seen until two or three months. Treatment, meanwhile, lasts about two years, although this figure varies depending on the individual.

The result is the same as that of a conventional lifting?

The facelift without surgery Unlike normal lifting in several respects. First, to carry out only used local anesthesia, which, even, can be omitted in many cases.

Secondly, does not require passage through surgery and offers results much more natural that the lifting conventional, although it is also true that not stretch and rejuvenates both the skin and the latter.

Who is indicated facelift?

While many women may benefit from facelift without surgery are, This is particularly suitable for those who want to improve their appearance without going under the knife and which present a significant sagging skin.

How much does a facelift?

Prices facelift without surgery can vary greatly from one center to another. However, the average is around 200 euros for a total of six wires, a number that is used when you want tensioning a small area.

For a complete facelift, however, you need to use around 40 Wireless, so the price may exceed 1.500 euros.

Lifting sin cirugía con hilos tensores - ¡Siéntete Guapa!

Tips for having a firm and smooth skin

While the thread lift may be an excellent option for people who want to have a smooth skin and firm at any age, There are some good habits that will also help you to boast of a young skin for a long time:

  • Drink around two liters of water a day in order to keep your skin hydrated and luminous and facilitate the expulsion of toxins from the body.
  • Rinse the skin with cold water When it comes to removing facial cleansing products. In this way you will activate the blood circulation, you will improve the appearance and the appearance of the complexion and avoid the appearance of sagging.
  • Use moisturizing creams containing collagen, a substance that deals keep your skin smooth and firm. Although there are many beauty products that included it in its composition, We encourage you to use natural cosmetics as This baba de caracol and collagen cream, on sale at Amazon and ideal to provide firmness to the skin, delay the onset of wrinkles, reduce stains and remove acne.
  • Carry one there dieta, balanced and varied in which dairy products are not missed, eggs, blue fish, nuts, whole grains and legumes.
  • Try leaving the jitters, Stress and anxiety aside from your life. While it is not easy, keep these away negative emotions will help you have more beautiful skin, firm, smooth, young, sound and light. You can relax using yoga or meditation and including in your diet tea rich in soothing properties such as Passionflower, Valerian or the tila, for example.

Don't forget to follow these good habits if you want to have a perfect skin after submit yourself to a facelift without surgery with thread lift.

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Lifting thread lift without surgery
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  1. Dr Granado Tiagonce in

    Threads is an inexpensive treatment given the results achieved and the time that last. It is true that it depends on the age of the patient and their habits. A price cannot be generalized, but the treatments start from the 200 euros

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